第62回 2023

Invited Lectures

Christian Griesinger (NMR-based Structural Biology, Max-Planck-Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences)
Small molecules triggering transmembrane signaling and interfering with aggregation important in neurodegeneration studied by NMR
Ryan C. Nieuwendaal (Materials Science and Engineering Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Characterizing polyamide reverse osmosis membranes via solid-state NMR methods
Yutaka Tabuchi (RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing)
Magnetic resonance in superconducting quantum computers

Honorary Lectures

Toshimichi Fujiwara (Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University)
Development of NMR spectroscopy and its application to biomolecular systems
Koichi Ute (Department of Applied Chemistry, Tokushima University)
Solution NMR for the characterization of synthetic polymers: SEC-NMR and DOSY

第61回 2022

Invited Lectures

Kay Saalwachter (Martin Luther University)
NMR-Based Molecular Rheology for the Study of Chain Motion in Complex Polymer Systems
David L. Bryce (University of Ottawa)
Non-Covalent Secondary Bonding Interactions Examined via Multinuclear Solid-State Magnetic Resonance
Nico Tjandra (National Institutes of Health)
Studying protein weak interaction by NMR

Honorary Lectures

Kiyonori Takegoshi (Kyoto University)
Kaori Wakamatsu (Gumma University)
Tips to prevent aggregation and denaturation of protein/peptides in solution NMR

第60回 2021

Honorary Lectures

Yasuhiko Yamamoto (University of Tsukuba)
Interaction between Tetrapyrrole Macrocycles and Quadruplex Nucleic Acids

第59回 2020

Honorary Lectures

嶋田 一夫 (理化学研究所)
in situ 動的構造」からみたタンパク質の機能解明

第58回 2019

Invited Lectures

François-Xavier Theillet(Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule (I2BC), CEA, CNRS, Univ. Paris Sud, Université Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
Alpha-Deuteration makes kinases more amenable to NMR studies
Adrien Favier(Institut de Biologie Structurale, France)
Integrated NMR and cryo-EM atomic-resolution structure determination of a half-megadalton enzyme complex

Honorary Lectures

Mitsuhiko Ikura(University of Toronto, Canada)
Can NMR help cure cancer?
Hideo Akutsu(Yokohama City University, Japan)
Reflections upon my Research on Biological Spectroscopy

第57回 2018

Invited Lectures

Vipin Agarwal(Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India)
Quantitative and Qualitative proton-proton distances in fully protonated solids at fast magic spinning NMR
M. P. Williamson(University of Sheffield, UK)
Protein conformational exchange in talin probed by high pressure NMR
Mitsuhiko Ikura(University of Toronto, Canada)
Targeting KRAS Oncoprotein on Biological Membranes

第56回 2017

Invited Lectures

Takeshi Kobayashi(U.S. Department of Energy, U.S.A.)
Applications of dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP)-enhanced solid-state NMR to materials science
Clemens Glaubitz(Goethe University Frankfurt, Centre for Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance, Germany)
NMR on membrane proteins – The use of magic angle sample spinning and dynamic nuclear polarization for the investigation of ABC transporters, GPCRs and Photoreceptors
S. Hiller(Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland)
Chaperone – client-interactions: From basic principles to roles in health and disease
Ernest D. Laue(Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Single cell Hi-C and single molecule imaging to study nuclear architecture

Honorary Lectures

Seizo Takahashi(Prev. Japan Women's Univ.)
Small Volume. Why not?

第55回 2016

Invited Lectures

Toshikazu Miyoshi(The University of Akron, USA)
Elucidation of Chain Trajectory and Chemical Reaction of Semicrystalline Polymers by Solid-State NMR
Charles R. Sanders(Vanderbilt University, USA)
Cholesterol Binding to the C99 Domain of The Amyloid Precursor Protein as a Factor that May Promote
Alzheimer’s Disease
David S. Wishart(University of Alberta, Canada)
The Future of NMR in Metabolomics

Honorary Lectures

Gazing NMR for Thirty Six Years
Akira Naito(Yokohama National University, Japan)
High Resolution Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy. Development and Application to Structural Biochemistry

第54回 2015

Invited Lectures

Vladimir Ladizhansky (University of Guelph)
Magic Angle Spinning Solid State NMR Studies of Membrane Proteins in Synthetic Lipids and Cell Membranes
Juli Feigon (University of California, Los Angeles)
A hybrid methods approach to determine the structure of Tetrahymena telomerase holoenzyme
Arthur Pardi (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Probing the Conformational Dynamics of the Active and Inactive Forms of the Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase ERK2

Honorary Lectures

Robert G. Griffin (MIT, USA)
High Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
Tetsuro Asakura (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
From Structural Analysis of Polymers with NMR to Development of Silk Vascular Graft

第53回 2014

Invited Lectures

Christian Degen (ETH, Switzerland)
Recent advances in nanoscale MRI
Mei Hong (MIT, USA)
Solid-state NMR for investigating membrane-curvature induction by viral proteins
James Chou (Harvard Medical School, USA)
Substrate- and ligand-modulated conformational dynamics of membrane solute carriers revealed by NMR
Jens Frahm (Max Planck Institute, Germany)
Magnetic resonance imaging in real time
Lucio Frydman (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
Metabolism and microarchitecture from advanced 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy and imaging
Robert Tycko (NIH, USA)
Solid state NMR of disease-associated proteins: methods and results

Honorary Lectures

Yoshifumi Nishimura (Yokohama City University)
NMR structural biology on transcription factors and chromatin-related proteins
Ei-ichiro Suzuki (Japan Biological Informatics Consortium Research Institute)
Analytical and biotechnological applications of NMR

第52回 2013

Invited Lectures

松田 裕生 (帝人株式会社)
Structural analysis of condensation polymers using NMR
金橋 康二 (新日鐵住金株式会社)
北川 進 (京都大学)
Chemistry and Application of Porous Soft Materials
冨宅 喜代一 (神戸大学)
Development of NMR Spectroscopy for Mass-selected Molecular Ions
加藤 晃一 (自然科学研究機構)
NMR approaches for elucidating the functional roles of glycans
Timothy A. Cross (Florida State University, US)
Native Membrane Protein Structure in Lipid Bilayers Requires Solid State NMR
Kevin H. Gardner (UT Southwestern Medical Center, US)
Environmentally-controlled protein/protein interactions: Insights
provided by NMR into nature's switches
Shang-Te Danny Hsu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Folding dynamics of topologically knotted proteins
Stanley J. Opella (University of California, San Diego, US)
Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy of Membrane Proteins
Warren S. Warren (Duke University, US)
Enhancing Signal and Contrast in MRI with Long-Lived Hyperpolarization or Intermolecular Coherences
Hans W. Spiess (Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, Germany)
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Powerful Tool for Elucidating the Interplay between Structure and Dynamics of Soft Matter

Honorary Lectures

Toshifumi Hiraoki (Hokkaido University)
Personal Reminiscences on Helical Polymers by NMR
Hideo Akutsu (Osaka University)
Why can F0F1 ATP synthase rotate? / F0F1 ATP合成酵素はなぜ回る?

第51回 2012

Invited Lectures

Nicolas L. Fawzi (NIH)
Dynamics on the surface of amyloid β protofibrils in solution: Dark-state exchange saturation transfer NMR
Clare P. Grey (University of Cambridge)
Following Function in Real Time: New NMR and MRI Methods for Studying Structure and Dynamics in Batteries, Fuel Cells and Supercapacitors
Malcolm H. Levitt (University of Southampton)
Singlet NMR
Niels Chr. Nielsen (University of Aarhus)
Interleaved CW irradiation and rf pulses for efficient re- and decoupling in solid-state NMR
R. Thomas Williamson (Merck & Co., Inc.)
New Developments in the ADEQUATE NMR Experiments
Tai-huang Huang (Academia Sinica)
Recognition and regulation of small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO)
Weontae Lee (Yonsei University)
NMR-based rational drug design: Applications to GPCR-targeted drugs
Changlin Tian (University of Science and Technology of China)
Method Development and Application of Magnetic Resonances for Membrane Protein Structure and Function Studies
Daiwen Yang (National University of Singapore)
Are the Dynamics of Acyl Carrier Protein Domain in FAS/PKS Critical to its Function?
Mingjie Zhang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
To walk or not to walk, and how should they walk: myosin’s “clients” share some decision making power
右手 浩一 (徳島大学)
合成高分子の一次構造解析にむけた溶液 NMR のアプローチ: スペクトルの多変量解析と DOSY
Multivariate Analysis and DOSY ―― Solution NMR Approaches to the Molecular Characterization of Synthetic Polymers
上口 憲陽 (日産アーク)
NMR analysis of Li-ion battery materials
橋本 康博 (旭化成株式会社)
NMR と材料開発
NMR applications for the material developments
閔 庚薫 (旭硝子株式会社)
An introduction of structural analysis for glass
山口 秀幸 (味の素株式会社)
NMR の分析手法としての汎用性について
NMR as a versatile analytical tool for industrial issues from research and development activities to quality control

Honorary Lectures

Keiichi Kawano (Grad. Sch. Life Sci., Hokkaido University)
Protein NMR before the dawn
Taro Eguchi (Osaka University)
A short essay on my NMR studies

第50回 2011

Memorial Lectures

Yoji Arata
Fifty Years of NMR in Japan
Peter E. Wright (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, USA)
Characterization of transient protein folding and unfolding processes by NMR relaxation dispersion
John L. Markley (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA)
Order-disorder transitions in IscU, the scaffold protein for iron-sulfur cluster assembly and delivery
Masatsune Kainosho (Nagoya Univ, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ)
Applications of Stable Isotopes for Protein NMR
Seiji Ogawa (Tohoku Fukushi University, Japan, Kansei Fukushi Research Center)
What's next in fMRI/MRI?
Richard R. Ernst (Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
The Importance of the Fourier Transformation in Spectroscopy. From Monsieur Fourier's Calculus to Medical Imaging

Young Invited Japanese Speakers from Abroad

Junji Iwahara (University of Texas Medical Branch, USA)
Side-chain dynamics of hydrogen bonds and ion pairs
Hiroshi Matsuo (University of Minnesota, USA)
Structure of the CCA-bulge region of prohead RNA of bacteriophage phi29
Hideo Iwai (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Stable Isotopic Labeling of Proteins for Biomolecular NMR in Post-structural Genomics Era
Yoshitaka Ishii (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
Misfolding Reactions and structures in self-assembled Alzheimer's β-amyloid and graphene-E related carbon nano-materials

Invited Lectures

Tadeusz F. Molinski (University of California,San Diego, USA)
NMR of Natural Products at the Nanomole-Scale
Bong-Jin Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)
Structural insights into the binding of AIP4 WW2 domain and LMP2A PY motifs
Matthias Ernst (Physical Chemistry, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Characterizing Backbone and Side-Chain Mobility by Solid-State NMR
Gerhard Wagner (Harvard Medical School, USA)
New NMR Experiments for Challenging Proteins

Honorary Lecture

Fumiyuki Mitsumori (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Journey of in vivo NMR to MRI . special focus on T2 and iron in human brain

第49回 2010

Invited Lectures

Kevin Gardner (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (USA))
Allosteric Control of Environmental Sensors
Michael Sattler (Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen (Germany))
NMR-based structural analysis of (large) protein complexes in solution
Daniel Nietlispach (University of Cambridge, (UK))
Structure determination of the helical 7-transmembrane receptor sensory rhodopsin
Mitsu Ikura (University of Toronto (Canada))
Probing cancer cell signaling by NMR: structure, interaction, and kinetics of the small GTPase cycle
Chemical shifts and dipolar couplings: how can they help?

Honorary Lecture

Hideaki Fujiwara (Osaka University)
NMR and MRI in Chemistry and Biomedical Physics & Engineering:My Research Profile of 43 Years in University

第48回 2009

Invited Lecture

Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy(University of Michigan (USA))
Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins Using NMR Experiments on Bicelles
R. Andrew Byrd(National Cancer Institute, Frederick (USA))
Allosteric Effects on Ubiquitin Ligase Activity by a Novel E2 Binding Region: Integration of NMR, Crystallography, and Molecular Biology
Dorothee Kern(Brandeis University (USA))
The choreography of an enzyme's dance
John Markley(University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA))
Investigation of the iron-ligated histidines of the Rieske protein from Thermus thermophilus supports a coupled proton and electron transfer mechanism
Yoshitaka Ishii(University of Illinois at Chicago (USA))
Sensitivity and Structures in Solid-State NMR: Challenges in Characterization of Amyloid Misfolding and Graphite-based Nano-materials

Honorary Lecture

Fuyuhiko Inagaki(Hokkaido University)
From Structural Chemistry to Structural Biology

第47回 2008

Invited Lecture

Chin Yu (National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan))
Understanding the Molecular Level Events in the Non-Classical Pathway of Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor
Lyndon Emsley (University of Lyon (France))
NMR Powder Crystallography
Michael Garwood (University of Minnesota (USA))
Detecting Fleeting MRI Signals Using Frequency-Modulated (FM) Radio Waves
Warren S. Warren (Duke University (USA))
Hyperpolarized Singlet State NMR and Intermolecular Multiple-Quantum Coherence Imaging with Anisotropic Contrast Agents
Robert G. Griffin (MIT (USA))
Dipole Recoupling and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at High Magnetic Fields

Honorary Lecture

Tokuko Watanabe (Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College)
My Research with ESR, NMR and MRI

第46回 2007

K.M. Brindel
Detecting early tumour responses to therapy using magnetic resonance imaging and hyperpolarized spectroscopy
James H. Prestegard
New NMR Approaches to Protein - Carbohydrate Interactions
Zhehong Gan
Indirect detected 14N NMR of solids under MAS

Honorary Lecture

Fumitaka Horii
New Developments in Solid-State NMR

第45回 2006

Masatsune Kainosho
SAILing to the Future: Toward the next-generation world de facto standard in protein NMR spectroscopy
Mitsuhiko Ikura
Heisaburo Shindo
Structure and function of the SAP domains of SUMO ligase PIAS family
Hideo Akutsu
Exploring Biological Supramolecular Systems by NMR
Peter E. Wright
Mapping protein energy landscapes by NMR relaxation dispersion

第44回 (1st AP NMR Symposium) 2005

Plenary Lectures

Lucio Frydman (Israel)
Masatsune Kainosho (Japan)
Jacob Schaefer (USA)
Anthony Watts (UK)

Invited Lectures

Hideo Akutsu
Tetsuo Asakura
Yang Daiwen
Tai-huang Huang
Mitsu Ikura
Bong-Jin Lee
Weontae Lee
Akira Naito
Ray Norton
Kouji Saito
Ago Samoson
Frances Separovic
Yunyu Shi
Ichio Shimada
Masahiro Shirakawa
Ming-Daw Tsai
Mingjie Zhang

第43回 2004

Masahiro Shirakawa
NMR structural biology of protein-nucleic acid recognition
Atro Annila
On the interpretation of residual dipolar couplings from flexible systems
Ichio Shimada
NMR strategy for membrane protein-ligand interactions
Nico Tjandra
Recent advances in protein NMR refinement
Takehiro Terao
Solid-state NMR-personal reminiscences
Isao Ando
NMR spectroscopy in polymer science-my research profile at TIT
Jhon L. Markley
Evolution of isotope-assisted protein NMR spectroscopy: 1968 to the present
Seiji Ogawa
Brain function which NMR measures

第42回 2003

The development of solution NMR as a key method in sructural biology
M. VanCauteren
Fast MR Imaging in clinical application
NMR of hyperpolalized noble gases and other nuclei
Studies on dynamics nuclear polarization using photo-excited triplet electron spins

第41回 2002

Thomas L.James
RNA structures and structure-based drug discovery
Michael Overduin
Biological NMR studies of membrane and protein recognition in endocytosis and signal transduction
Anne S.Ulrich
Structure analysis of antimicrobial and fusogenic peptides in membranes by solid state 19F-NMR
Advanced Solid State NMR Techniques for Elucidating Supramolecular Organization

第40回 2001

Advanced Solid-State NMR Techniques for Characterizing the Structure of Complex Organic Materials
New Twists for Decoupling and Recoupling Combined with Fast MAS
Cross-Correlated Relaxation for the Study of Biological Macromolecules
Understanding Intermolecular Multiple-Quantum Coherences and Their Applications

第39回 2000

Resolution of Structural Details of Membrane-Embedded Proteins Using Solid State NMR Methods
Structural Proteomics of an Archaeon
BMRB: the Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
Structural Biological Characterization Using NMR Relaxation Approaches

第38回 1999

Solution NMR with Very Large Molecules
Towards Understanding of Calmodulin Target Recognition Mechanisms
Unusual Proteins and Uncommon NMR Nuclei
NMR Imaging in Soft Matter
Conformation and Dynamics of Extensively Labeled Solid Proteins by Multidimensional Methods and Applications
The NMR Angle on Troponin-C: Everything Moves, and Every Movement is Relevant to Calcium Regulation

第37回 1998

NMR of Very Weakly Aligned Macromolecules
Sold State NMR and Optically Pumped NMR for Biological Purposes
引地 邦男
京極 好正
NMR in Structural Biology-Before and After NMR Structural Determination

第36回 1997

New Experiments for the Elucidation of Structure and Dynamics of Proteins and RNA
Applications of Adiabatic Pulses in Biomoleculare NMR
Protein NMR and The Human Genome Project
B.T.Farmer III
The Use of Selective Protonation in Structural Studies by NMR on Deuterated Large Proteins

第35回 1996

Pulsed NMR in Solids-Then and Now
Enhancement of NMR/MRI by Laser-Polarization; From Materials to Organisms
Force Detection and Imaging in Magnetic Resonance
Three Dimensional Structure Determination of Membrane Bound Polypeptides by Solid-State NMR
High-Sensitivity NMR Spectroscopy Probes Using Superconductive Coils
The Continuing Saga of Broadband Decoupling in High Resolution NMR

第34回 1995

安岡 弘志
Decoupling, Recoupling, and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Rotating Solids
小川 誠ニ
Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Brain Activation Seen by fNRI
藤原 鎭男

第33回 1994

Principles and Applications of Diffusion Ordered 2D NMR Spectroscopy
Solid Materials Explored by Nuclear Polarization Transfer
NMR Studies of Non-Standard Forms of DNA
NMR Studies of an Allosteric System: the trp-Repressor-trp Operator Complex

第32回 1993

NMR in Biochemistry
Multidimensional Solid State NMR of Polymers
NMR Spectroscopy and High Pressure
Some Recent Advances in Nuclear Shielding Calculations
Multinuclear and Multiple Quantum Filtered NMR Studies of the Heart
荒田 洋治

第31回 1992

High Field Magnetic Resonance and Surgical Practice
森島 績

第30回 1991

Recent Advances in Protein NMR
Heteronuclear Half-filters for Studies of Complexes with Biological Macromolecules
甲斐荘 正恒

第29回 1990

赤坂 一之
Multinuclear NMR Studies of Silica Surfaces
犬伏 俊郎
in vivo NMR Spectroscopy From Animal Physiology to Human Diagnostics

第28回 1989

Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance Approaches to Studying Protein Structure and Function

第27回 1988

稲垣 冬彦
Heteronuclear Polarization Transfer and Editing Techniques
Two-stage Feature of Hartman-Hahn Cross Relaxation in Magic Angle Sample Spinning
竹腰 清乃理
Spin Echoes in Zero- and High-Field
The Effect of Solvation on the Parameters of NMR Spectra and the Structure of Organomercury Compounds in Solutions

第26回 1987

New Two-Dimensional NMR Techniques for the Study of Organic Biomolecules
中村 宣男
Determination of Three-Dimensional Structures of Proteins in Solution.

第25回 1986

Two Dimensional and Zero Field NMR of Oriented molecules
寺尾 武彦
Dipolar SASS NMR Spectroscopy: Separation of Dipolar Powder Patterns in Rotating Solids
2D NMR studies of the specificity of dihydrofolate reductase
荒田 洋治
Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Proteins of Immunological Interest
Protein Structure and Dynamics by NMR
Spatial Localization Techniques for in vivo NMR

第24回 1985


第23回 1984

New NMR Data Processing Methods and Their Application in Chemistry, Biophysics and Medicine

第22回 1983

藤原 英明
雑賀 亜幌

第21回 1982

池田 龍
安岡 弘志

第20回 1981

The Current Status of High Resolution NMR in Solids
Recent Developments in Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy. Techniques and Applications
NMR Studies of Macromolecular Dynamics
藤原 鎭男
2Hmr-Some Applications in Biosynthetic and Mechanistic Studies

第19回 1980

永山 国昭
堤 耀広
物井 宏之
23Na-NMR の生体系への応用

第17回 1978

宮澤 辰雄

第16回 1977

寺尾 武彦
荒田 洋治

第15回 1976

藤原 鎭男
山本 修
米澤 貞次郎
森島 績
甲斐荘 正恒
西岡 篤夫
岩村 秀
中川 直哉
通 和夫

第14回 1975

荒田 洋治
京極 好正

第13回 1974

斎藤 肇
伊藤 順吉

第12回 1973

都野 雄甫
13C のNMRと反応機構
早水 紀久子
桐山 秀子

第11回 1972

千葉 雄彦
甲斐荘 正恒
31P NMRの有機化学,生物化学への応用
藤原 鎭男
NMR データの標準化と集積方式

第10回 1971

和田 昭允
岩村 秀

第9回 1970

山本 修
森島 績
13C のNMR

第8回 1969

荒田 洋治
通 和夫

第7回 1968

栗山 馨